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Quick answers to some common questions

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What’s the fee we charge?

We charge a fee of 1% for EUR, GBP and stablecoin payouts, and 1.5% for USD, CHF and RON payouts. No additional fees are charged.

When do settlements occur?
By default, we do monthly settlements and process them straight to your bank account (in EUR, GBP, RON, CHF, USD) or crypto wallet (USDT on the Ethereum and Polygon networks and USDC on the Ethereum network). Depending on your monthly volume, it may be possible to change this process to a weekly basis. We cannot guarantee this, but we’ll look into it upon your contact.

How do payout transfers work?

For settlements done in EUR, the transfer can only be made once you reach a minimum settlement amount. If you choose to be paid on the 1st of every month, regardless of minimums, we’ll charge an extra payout fee for the settlements below the minimum. Please check here all the minimum amounts and extra payout fees applicable.

What cryptocurrencies are available for my buyers?

You can check all the possible combinations here.

What do I need to complete the KYB process?
We have an article with all the information you’ll need right here.

Do I need a bank account to sign up with xMoney?

Not at all. You’re free to sign up and explore our product without providing that information. However, to activate your monthly settlements, you’ll have to either provide your bank account details or your cryptocurrency wallet address, should you choose to be paid in crypto instead of FIAT.

Can I still use xMoney as an individual?

Absolutely. When you start setting up your settlements, simply select "Sole Trader" as your company type and proceed to complete the necessary information. And if you don’t have an online store in which to use our integrations, you’ll still be able to invoice your customers.

What user roles do you offer for the merchant dashboard?
We currently have four different user roles:

  • Owner

    Attributed automatically to the email account that creates the merchant account. This role has access to everything and can perform all the available actions.

  • Admin

    Has access to everything and can perform all the actions.

  • Read-only

    A user with this role can only see orders. They’ll have no access to invoices, refunds, and settlements.

  • Refunder

    This role has similar access as the read-only role but with the ability to initiate refunds.

To add a new user to your account, please contact [email protected]

​​If you have any additional questions or concerns on your onboarding journey please reach out to us at [email protected]. We'd love to closely assist you :)

Where can I find images to add to my checkout?

Look no further, we have our checkout kit right here.

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