How can I create an invoice using xMoney?

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With xMoney, you can send an invoice or a payment link, and we will take care of the crypto side :) With our service, you will receive your settlement in stablecoins or fiat currency straight into your wallet or bank account!

Here are the quick and easy steps to get you started on your first invoice:

Note: All the mandatory fields must be filled in. The maximum value per invoice is 1,000,000 EUROS. If the value submitted is in a different currency, we use the value you submitted in your selected currency and check the current market value in EUROS to confirm if it is over €1M. If the value is higher than the permitted threshold, the following error “Value submitted is valued over EUR 1.000.000” is displayed.

1. If you haven’t created a Merchant account with us, click here to create one.
It shouldn’t take more than five minutes.

2. If and when you have your account set up, just quickly log in and access your dashboard.

3. From here on, what you have to do is select > Payments.

4. Then > Invoice.

5. On the top right corner, click > + New Invoice.

6. Fill in the buyer information and the amount you wish to charge (double-check to make sure the email is correct).

7. Click on > Generate Invoice.

8. You’re done! The link is generated, and you can send it to your customer in whichever way you like. Just copy it and send it through email, Telegram, WhatsApp, Messenger or whichever way you prefer.

We’ll take care of everything from here!


For any doubts or questions that you may have, we have our FAQ here.

Intercom chat is available at the corner of your Merchant Dashboard page if you wish to speak with us at any time 🙂

Alternatively, you can also contact us via email at [email protected]

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