Create an invoice using xMoney

Updated over a week ago

Just a note before we get started on all the steps to get your first invoice ready. The maximum value per invoice is 1.000.000 Euros. When you submit an amount using a different currency, we’ll take that amount and check it against the current market value in Euros. If the value is higher than the allowed threshold, you’ll see an error saying “Value submitted is valued over EUR 1.000.000”. Now let’s create that invoice:

To begin, either log into your merchant account or create one if you haven't already. Next, head to the payments page, where you'll find the invoices tab. From there, simply click on the 'New Invoice' button to proceed.

A new page will open where you’ll fill the buyer's information and the amount you wish to charge.

After generating the invoice you’re done! In the previous step, if you ticked the box to send the invoice via email, your customer will be notified immediately. If not, you can copy the link and send it manually in whichever way you prefer.

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