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Setting up settlements

How to get funds transferred to your bank account or crypto wallet

Updated over a week ago

Let’s look at all the steps needed to get your settlements and payouts ready to go.

First, you’ll need to navigate to the settlements page. At first, it will be empty as you haven’t enabled the feature yet. Go ahead and click ‘Verify my business’.

The first step here is to choose your business’s sector and provide your bank account or crypto wallet information.

Note: The information requested here will vary according to the settlement currency selection you made when you first created an account. The image below shows an example of a Euro bank account.

Afterward, you’ll have to select your type of company from the dropdown displayed. Once selected, the form will update requesting all the necessary documentation for our compliance purposes. Upload all the requested documents and click ‘Submit’.

That’s it! Once submitted our team will review everything you sent and get back to you via email.

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