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How refunds work

Everything you need to know about refunds

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Refunds can be initiated in three different ways:

  • When a user requests it

  • Automatically issued by xMoney

  • When a merchant issues it.

In every instance, we will send you an email to the same email address you utilized during the payment process (please ensure to check your spam folder). From there, you'll have to provide the address where you wish to receive your refund.

The refund email will be sent to you once your original transaction(s) have been confirmed on the blockchain. These confirmation times can vary, so in certain instances, it may take a bit longer for the email to reach you. Furthermore, xMoney has established specific limits per currency and network, which may result in the withholding of refunds if the amount is too low. For further details, you can refer to our guidelines available here.

User requested refunds


Occasionally, when paying a bill, you might mistakenly make an "underpayment."
This occurs when the received amount falls short of the expected payment. Should this situation arise, you have the option to either pay the remaining balance to complete your payment or opt for a refund. If you choose the latter, simply click the 'Get a refund' button to initiate the refund process.

Exchange rate expiration

To mitigate the inherent volatility of cryptocurrencies, we provide a fixed exchange rate that remains locked for a limited duration during the payment process. If the locked rate expires before the transaction is finalized, you can request an updated rate to proceed with your payment. Alternatively, if you wish to cancel the transaction and retrieve your funds, simply click the 'Get a refund' button to initiate the refund process.

Automatically issued refunds


Instances like these occur when the transferred amount surpasses the expected amount. In such scenarios, you do not need to take any action. xMoney will promptly send you an email, allowing you to provide an address for the refund. xMoney will automatically trigger the refund for the exceeding amount received, depending on the minimum refund threshold for the respective currency and network. More on an overpayment here.

Payment expiration/late transaction

All xMoney bills come with an expiration date, ranging from 2 hours for eCommerce bills to 6 months for invoices. Once this period elapses, payments cannot be made. However, if you've initiated a transfer that confirms after your bill expires, xMoney will promptly notify you via email. You can then provide us with an address for a refund transfer if the currency and network used meet the minimum refund threshold.

Merchant issued refunds

This particular type of refund is entirely managed by our merchant partners. Whenever a merchant opts to initiate a refund for your purchase, similar to other instances, you will receive an email containing instructions to finalize the refund process. Should you require further details regarding this type of refund, we strongly recommend reaching out directly to the merchant. They are the sole entities capable of providing additional context specific to your case.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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