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FAQ WooCommerce integration
FAQ WooCommerce integration

Frequently asked questions regarding the WooCommerce integration.

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What is the difference between the ”processing” and “completed” status of the orders?

When a payment is successfully processed, the order will receive the “processing” status. You should manually change the status to “completed” after the order is fulfilled and shipped.

How can I verify why a transaction has been declined?

To check the reason for a declined transaction, access the Transactions section is your merchant account; for each selected transaction, there is a component section divided into requests and responses. Click on the component and the reason will be detailed there. The most common declined transaction reasons are: Insufficient funds, Authentication failed, Do Not Honor, etc. For additional details regarding the response codes, you can check online for General Bank response codes, or you can contact us.

How can I access and test my WooCommerce account/ integration?

When deciding to test the WooCommerce integration, please make sure you distinguish between the environments you are using (test & live). This step is crucial as it makes the difference between orders created for testing purposes and those going into production.

The TEST(staging) environment:

You can test our payment module into (ALL modules) by using the site ID and API/Private Key generated for your merchant test account. You can find these identifiers under the Sites section of your Merchant account by clicking on the Site Details.

The LIVE (production) environment:

You can access it and start processing payments by using the Site ID and API/Private Key generated for your live account. These credentials will be provided to you by your account manager, once you have completed your implementation with Twispay./n/n!

Note: Please make sure to insert the codes in the right field: Site ID - numeric format, API/Private Key – alphanumeric/string format.

What should I do if I need assistance after the WooCommerce module integration?

In case you need assistance with your WooCommerce account after the integration, please contact the WooCommerce support department.

Why can I only see my orders in WooCommerce and not in my Twispay account?

As mentioned in the above question, when identifying with your credentials in WooCommerce platform, please carefully fill out the value of the live Site ID (numeric format) and the live API/Private Key (alphanumeric/string format). Inverting the two values will impact your orders - they will still be created in your e-commerce platform, but they will not be transmitted to Twispay; therefore, you will not be able to view them in your merchant account.

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