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    • How can I access & test my payment account/ integration for a payment module?

      • When deciding to test the integration, please make sure you distinguish between the environments you are using (test & live). This step is crucial

as it makes the difference between orders created for testing purposes and those going into production.

The TEST(staging) environment: You can test our payment module into your e-commerce platform by using the site ID and API/Private Key generated for your merchant test account. You can find these identifiers under the Sites section of your Merchant account by clicking on the Site Details.

The LIVE(production) environment: You can access it and start processing payments by using the Site ID and API/Private Key generated for your live account. These credentials will be provided to you by your account manager, once you have completed your implementation with xMoney Fiat.

Note: Please make sure to insert the codes in the right field: Site ID - numeric format, API/Private Key โ€“ alphanumeric/string format

  • Why can I only see my orders in the e-commerce platform/module and not in my xMoney Fiat account?

    • As mentioned in the above question, when identifying with your credentials in the e-commerce platform, please carefully fill out the value of the live Site ID (numeric format) and the live API/Private Key (alphanumeric/string format). Inverting the two values will impact your orders - they will still be created in your e-commerce platform, but they will not be transmitted to xMoney Fiat; therefore, you will not be able to view them in your merchant account.

  • What should I do if I need assistance after the payment module integration?

    • In case you need assistance with your account after the integration, please contact the support department of the chosen e-commerce platform.

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