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Dashboard & Transaction management.
Dashboard & Transaction management.

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  • Dashboard & Transaction Management

    • What is the difference between the ”processing” and “completed” status of the orders?

      • When a payment is successfully processed, the order will automatically receive the "processing" status. To prevent confusion, you should manually change the status to "completed" only after the order is fulfilled and shipped.

    • How do I refund a payment?

      • You can refund any payment with just one click on the “Refund” button within the transaction management menu.

    • How can I verify why a transaction has been declined?

      • To check the reason for a declined transaction, access the Transactions section is your merchant account; for each selected transaction, there is a “Components” section divided into requests and responses. Click on the component that enlists a fail response and the reason will be detailed there.

The most common declined transaction reasons are: Insufficient funds, Authentication failed, Do Not Honor, etc.

You can take a look at the dashboard here.

For additional details regarding the response codes, you can check online for General Bank response codes, or you can contact us.

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