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    • When do I receive the funds collected from my clients?

      • Unless otherwise specified, xMoney Fiat issues full payouts to merchants once every week. The payout is preceded by a detailed payment sheet providing information regarding the amount paid out to the merchant.

    • Which currencies are available for processing and settlement at xMoney Fiat?

      • xMoney Fiat can process transactions and / or settle amounts (make payouts) in any of the following currencies:

• EUR - Euro

• USD - US Dollar

• GBP - British Pound

• NOK - Norwegian Crown (Krone)

• SEK - Swedish Crown (Krona)

• DKK - Danish Crown (Krone)

• RON - Romanian Leu

While you can process payments in any or more of the above currencies, you can choose to have your payouts made in just a subset of those depending on where the biggest portion of transactions are coming from. For example, you can decide to process both EUR and GBP for products on your website, while you can opt in for settlement in any or both of those currencies. If you wish to have payouts made in a different currency than the ones certain payments are processed in, a small FX fee will be applied.

In order to be able to have payouts made in a certain currency, the merchant needs to have a bank account in that currency opened at a commercial bank, where the funds will be transferred to.

Note: For more currency options, including crypto currencies - checkout the xMoney Crypto Solution.

  • Which payment methods can I accept through xMoney Fiat?

    • xMoney Fiat enables you to accept payments from virtually anywhere in the world through any of the following payment methods:

• Debit and Credit Cards

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