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Business compliance & terms of conditions.
Business compliance & terms of conditions.

Compliance and terms of conditions

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  • Compliance

    • Where is xMoney Fiat available?

      • xMoney Fiat is fully licensed to provide fiat payment services in the European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

    • What types of cards can I accept through xMoney Fiat?

      • You can accept debit cards and credit cards issued by Visa and Mastercard. If you are interested in expanding the business, and serving the crypto audience as well, try xMoney Crypto.

    • Which conditions should my website meet to be accepted by xMoney Fiat compliance?

      • In order for your website to get accepted by xMoney Fiat compliance, it needs to meet the following conditions:

Products and Services

• products must show a complete description

• products should clearly display their price (amount and currency)

  • Terms and Conditions

• merchant name and address

• refund, cancelation and delivery policy

• consumer data privacy policy

• product warranty, if applicable

  • Contact Section

• merchant name and address

• contact phone and email

  • Website Footer

• merchant name and address

• Visa and Mastercard logos

  • Checkout Page

• merchant name and address

• link and consent checkbox for "Terms and Conditions"

• list of purchased products or services, amount and currency to be paid.

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