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  • Compliance

    • Where is xMoney Fiat available?

      • xMoney Fiat is fully licensed to provide fiat payment services in the European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

    • What types of cards can I accept through xMoney Fiat?

      • You can accept debit cards and credit cards issued by Visa and Mastercard. If you are interested in expanding the business, and serving the crypto audience as well, try xMoney Crypto.

    • Which conditions should my website meet to be accepted by xMoney Fiat compliance?

      • In order for your website to get accepted by xMoney Fiat compliance, it needs to meet the following conditions:

Products and Services

• products must show a complete description

• products should clearly display their price (amount and currency)

  • Terms and Conditions

• merchant name and address

• refund, cancelation and delivery policy

• consumer data privacy policy

• product warranty, if applicable

  • Contact Section

• merchant name and address

• contact phone and email

  • Website Footer

• merchant name and address

• Visa and Mastercard logos

  • Checkout Page

• merchant name and address

• link and consent checkbox for "Terms and Conditions"

• list of purchased products or services, amount and currency to be paid

  • Activation

    • How do I start using xMoney Fiat Pay solution to offer online payments to my clients?

      • First of all, click the Get Started button on the top-right of this page and follow the simple steps to create your xMoney Fiat merchant account. As soon as your account is created, you will instantly gain access to the xMoney dashboard.

Once you are in the dashboard, you will be prompted to fill out the Merchant Application Form and the Standard Merchant Agreement. You can do this on your own or request the assistance of our seasoned account management team.

  • What do I need to do to open a merchant account?

    • Being a financial institution, xMoney Fiat (previously Twispay) requires specific documentation for evaluation purposes, in order for merchants to be able to process online payments.

The evaluation process confirms the legal form of the merchant, the identity of the recipients, and, where applicable, the licenses or approvals businesses are required to carry out their activities. The documentation checklist includes:

• Certificate of incorporation (if applicable)

• Certificate of Shareholders / Shares

• Copy of beneficial owners / principals passports

• Articles / Memorandum of Association

• Certificate of Directors (if applicable)

• Copy of utility bill for beneficial owners / principals (not older than 3 months)

• Utility bill for company's registered office (not older than 3 months)

• Company Bank reference / statement (Bank letter for high-risk business) (not older than 3 months)

In addition, it is necessary to complete and send the Merchant agreement, a step preceding the signing of the contract.

  • Also, if you've processed online payments before, you'll need an excerpt from the last 6 months of your processing history. It will help us build an accurate commission.

Note: Depending on a few factors of the trader's business type, the compliance team may request the delivery of other supporting documents.


    • When do I receive the funds collected from my clients?

      • Unless otherwise specified, xMoney Fiat issues full payouts to merchants once every week. The payout is preceded by a detailed payment sheet providing information regarding the amount paid out to the merchant.

    • Which currencies are available for processing and settlement at xMoney Fiat?

      • xMoney Fiat can process transactions and / or settle amounts (make payouts) in any of the following currencies:

• EUR - Euro

• USD - US Dollar

• GBP - British Pound

• NOK - Norwegian Crown (Krone)

• SEK - Swedish Crown (Krona)

• DKK - Danish Crown (Krone)

• RON - Romanian Leu

While you can process payments in any or more of the above currencies, you can choose to have your payouts made in just a subset of those depending on where the biggest portion of transactions are coming from. For example, you can decide to process both EUR and GBP for products on your website, while you can opt in for settlement in any or both of those currencies. If you wish to have payouts made in a different currency than the ones certain payments are processed in, a small FX fee will be applied.

In order to be able to have payouts made in a certain currency, the merchant needs to have a bank account in that currency opened at a commercial bank, where the funds will be transferred to.

Note: For more currency options, including crypto currencies - checkout the xMoney Crypto Solution.

  • Which payment methods can I accept through xMoney Fiat?

    • xMoney Fiat enables you to accept payments from virtually anywhere in the world through any of the following payment methods:

• Debit and Credit Cards

  • Dashboard & Transaction Management

    • What is the difference between the ”processing” and “completed” status of the orders?

      • When a payment is successfully processed, the order will automatically receive the "processing" status. To prevent confusion, you should manually change the status to "completed" only after the order is fulfilled and shipped.

    • How do I refund a payment?

      • You can refund any payment with just one click on the “Refund” button within the transaction management menu.

    • How can I verify why a transaction has been declined?

      • To check the reason for a declined transaction, access the Transactions section is your merchant account; for each selected transaction, there is a “Components” section divided into requests and responses. Click on the component that enlists a fail response and the reason will be detailed there.

The most common declined transaction reasons are: Insufficient funds, Authentication failed, Do Not Honor, etc.

For additional details regarding the response codes, you can check online for General Bank response codes, or you can contact us.

  • Payment modules

    • How can I access & test my payment account/ integration for a payment module?

      • When deciding to test the integration, please make sure you distinguish between the environments you are using (test & live). This step is crucial

as it makes the difference between orders created for testing purposes and those going into production.

The TEST(staging) environment: You can test our payment module into your e-commerce platform by using the site ID and API/Private Key generated for your merchant test account. You can find these identifiers under the Sites section of your Merchant account by clicking on the Site Details.

The LIVE(production) environment: You can access it and start processing payments by using the Site ID and API/Private Key generated for your live account. These credentials will be provided to you by your account manager, once you have completed your implementation with xMoney Fiat.

Note: Please make sure to insert the codes in the right field: Site ID - numeric format, API/Private Key – alphanumeric/string format

  • Why can I only see my orders in the e-commerce platform/module and not in my xMoney Fiat account?

    • As mentioned in the above question, when identifying with your credentials in the e-commerce platform, please carefully fill out the value of the live Site ID (numeric format) and the live API/Private Key (alphanumeric/string format). Inverting the two values will impact your orders - they will still be created in your e-commerce platform, but they will not be transmitted to xMoney Fiat; therefore, you will not be able to view them in your merchant account.

  • What should I do if I need assistance after the payment module integration?

    • In case you need assistance with your account after the integration, please contact the support department of the chosen e-commerce platform.

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