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How to pay?

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Do I need an online shop or website to implement payment links?

  • No, you don't need an online shop or website to generate payment links. To validate your account, all we need are a few documents related to your business.

  • How do I resend a payment link?

    • As long as the link is active, you can copy and resend it as many times as you need, directly from your dashboard.

  • How do I cancel a previously sent payment link?

    • If a link is still unpaid and you want to remove it, you can do so by clicking the “Delete” icon directly from your account. Please keep in mind that if one link is sent to more people, the invalidation applies to each one of them.

  • Do my customers need a xMoney Fiat account to pay?

    • To complete a payment, your customers only need a valid debit or credit card.

  • xMoney Fiat Pay Links guide.

    • Take the following steps.

Access payment links from the sidebar menu and create a new payment link.

Select business and insert customer information.

fill out the order information.

Fill out the items section, including the integration part.

Enter the transaction data & custom data.

If you need more details for delivery, you can find it in this section. As a final, click save.

Your link is ready!

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