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Available types of payment

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In step 4 of the How to Pay article, you will need to choose your preferred payment method. Below, we will address the differences. We have two main options, Wallet and Exchange. A visual below.

Exchange: Once you choose the exchange from the list, the addresses and amounts for the payment are now shown to you. You may copy both and complete the withdrawal. Or if your wallet supports QR Code reading, you can simply scan the displayed QR Code, which contains the address, and input the amount to send. xMoney doesn’t support payments through all networks, so please make sure that when you complete the transaction, you use one of the ones supported.

Wallet: You can connect to Wallet Connect, Metamask, xPortal, MultiversX Defi Wallet, or any other supported wallet. In this case, the way of completing the payment will vary depending on the wallet you choose. For instance, Metamask will open in the browser. Please proceed as indicated in the wallet you are using, as each wallet will have its own flow.

We compiled several articles about CEX withdrawals. This is meant to be an easy guide to help you. If you have doubts or specific questions, in that case, we advise contacting the owners directly:

If you are using the Lightning network to complete the transaction, please find more about it in the article How to pay using Lightning Network.

Check this article for a complete list of supported networks and currencies.

Important note: The funds will be permanently lost if the currency AND network do not match those supported in the xMoney payment widget.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We will be happy to help :)

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