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How can I integrate xMoney in my online store?

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Let’s start by creating a Merchant account:

  • 1st step: Visit the article Merchant Account and create an account with xMoney.

  • 2nd step: Fill in the KYB information to enable the settlements. A banner to proceed with it is available at the bottom of your dedicated merchant dashboard if you prefer to do it at a later stage.

    Choose your type of business.

    You will have to upload documents that are requested for your type of business.

  • 3rd step: Add xMoney to your online store. Depending on if you're using a custom website or a plugin such as Woocomerce, for example, you may find all the information regarding our several integrations here - under “Integrations”.

  • 4th step: try our system first in our Sandbox environment. You can find the detailed process here.


For any doubts or questions that you may have, we have our FAQ here.

An Intercom chat is available also at the corner of your Merchant Dashboard page if you wish to speak with us at any time 🙂

Alternatively, you can also contact us via email at [email protected]

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