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When will my payment be confirmed?
When will my payment be confirmed?

Payments Confirmation

Updated over a week ago

  • The number of Blockchain block confirmations and confirmation time per network:

    • Bitcoin - 2 block confirmations ~ 25min

    • Ethereum (ERC20) - 30 block confirmations ~ 8min

    • Dash - 8 block confirmations ~ 25min

    • MultiversX - 1 block confirmation ~ <30s

    • Polygon - 128 block confirmations ~ 7min

    • Lightning Network - Almost instantly ~ Almost instantly

Block confirmation times are determined by the selected network, not by xMoney.

The window payment to complete each transaction depends on the selected currency. When you select a currency and network, we calculate the exchange rate at this point and, based on the currency's volatility, a duration for which we deem this rate up-to-date. If that window expires and you have sent some funds, you can refresh the rates and proceed with your payment.

Note: Confirmation time varies and could depend on the selected network fee. Most transactions are confirmed within one hour. To increase the likelihood that your payment is confirmed, we recommend inputting a medium to high network fee when executing the payment.

Important note: The funds will be permanently lost if the currency AND network do not match those supported in the xMoney payment widget.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us at [email protected].We will be happy to help :)

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