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How to pay through xMoney

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After all your required items are in your chart, proceed to checkout. You should see xMoney among the payment options offered by the merchant.

Once you have selected xMoney and chosen to proceed, the xMoney widget will open.

Below, you will find an overview of the xMoney checkout process:

  1. Email consent: ''Pay With xMoney''. On this page, you will have to insert your email address, so we can send you the details regarding your payment (make sure that the email doesn’t have any spelling mistakes and that you have access, because this is how we can identify and communicate with you if anything is needed).

  2. Tick the box to indicate your acceptance of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Click the button marked LET’S PAY.

  3. On the left corner of the page, throughout the payment process, you will see the countdown until the expiration of your bill, which is the remaining time you have to complete the payment successfully;

  4. On the next page, you will choose the payment method (article - Method of Payments), we will look at the option available at xMoney. You can pay with a wallet or exchange, but we provide additional help for the Wallets or Exchanges from the list displayed. You can also type in the search bar the Wallet or Exchange you want to use. If supported, it will show on the screen. Choose a wallet or exchange on which you have funds available.

  5. Once you select the payment method, you will be prompted to choose from one of the currencies supported, followed by the network. Choose a currency for which you have funds and a network supported by your payment method.

  6. While our system monitors your payment, we will display the Looking for Payment screen.

  7. Once we detect your transaction, it will appear on the screen Payment is Pending. While we wait for the blockchain confirmation. (When will my payment be confirmed);

  8. Once the blockchain processes the payment, our Widget will show Payment Complete. Your payment is on xMoney’s way :)

1st Important Note: We will contact you regarding the payment status (paid, canceled, underpaid, overpaid) and reach out if any additional action is required.

2nd Important note: The funds will be permanently lost if the currency AND network do not match those supported in the xMoney payment widget.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We will be happy to help :)

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