How to request a Refund?

Request for refund

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There are three kinds of refunds: requested by the user, issued by the merchant and issued by xMoney (refer to Why is my bill cancelled?).

If the Merchant or xMoney cancels your order, rest assured that our Platform will automatically issue a refund.

If the funds are insufficient or the window for payment expires before the funds are confirmed, you can request a refund during the payment process. The xMoney system will automatically issue it.

In any of the scenarios, you will receive an e-mail from xMoney once the transaction is confirmed on the Blockchain, requesting your refund address.

A visual example for a payment being expired, on the buyer side.

Business dashboard visuals of the refund.

The refund being processed.

The refund being completed.

Important Note:

  • The refund email is sent to the email associated with the bill.

  • Please be aware of double-checking the address provided to get the refund since it can't be reverted after the transaction is started.

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