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How to buy UTK with FIAT directly on xPortal?
How to buy UTK with FIAT directly on xPortal?

Steps on how to buy UTK directly with fiat on xPortal.

Updated over a week ago

Open the app and scroll down to the "My Tokens" section.

Look for "UTK." If you don't see it, click the plus icon to add UTK.
Once UTK is visible, select it to continue.

When you have clicked on UTK, you'll be directed to your UTK wallet holdings.

To proceed with a purchase, simply tap the 'Buy' option located at the bottom right corner of the app.

If you click the "Buy" button, you have to choose your country, you'll be directed to third-party providers where you can acquire UTK using fiat currency. At this point, you have the flexibility to select the provider that best suits your needs and preferences and proceed to purchase UTK through a straightforward process.

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