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I lost access to 2FA. What to do?

What to do when you lose acces to 2FA.

Updated over a week ago

If you lost your 2FA secret and/or authenticator device, rest assured that we can help you. But please get in touch with us by contacting [email protected].

Bear in mind that depending on how you reach out to us, it’ll have an impact on how fast the 2FA can be reset.

  • Please reach out directly from the e-mail associated with the merchant account. This helps us handle your request quicker.

  • If you don’t have access to this account and if the merchant e-mail account is a custom domain, please reach out using an e-mail account from the same domain as the original merchant e-mail account. This makes the process a little slower.

  • If you don’t have access to both the original merchant e-mail account and any e-mail address from the same domain, please reach out from any e-mail address you’d like. This process will take longer than any of the previous ones and may be rejected for security reasons.

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