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How do I stake UTK? How do I check my rewards?
How do I stake UTK? How do I check my rewards?

Staking UTK on MultiversX and checking my rewards

Updated over a week ago

First step: Make sure you have ESDT tokens

The only form of UTK that can be staked on the xPortal Exchange is UTK2.0, which is an ESDT token.

If you still have UTK1.0, running on the Ethereum blockchain, you have to bring them to MultiversX first.

Here is all the info you'll need to do so.

Second step: Stake stake stake!

Once you have your UTK2.0 tokens safely in xPortal, all you have to do is head to this link and follow the instructions.

You will be asked to login using the xPortal App account where you store your funds.

Afterwards, click on the "STAKE UTK" tab and select the amount to stake.

You're done!

Third step: Check the rewards

Just login to the exchange and go to the "METASTAKING" section. If you staked UTK, you will be able to see your claimable UTK rewards in the "EARN UTK' section labeled as "MY EARNED UTK".

NOTE: Do keep in mind there is a 10-day waiting period. Once you have unstaked your tokens, they will go into "BONDED" mode (which means they are still tied to the staking contract) for 10 epochs, counting from the end of the present epoch when you hit the button.

Fees in eGLD Blockchain

Of the many innovations, this Blockchain brings, fast and cheap transactions stand out. eGLD must use the MultiversX Blockchain, to pay for the network fees.

The fees shouldn't cross the 0.1$ cost for staking and sending assets, so be sure to have some eGLD on your wallet to start staking, sending and operating any other action on the MultiversX Blockchain.

eGLD can be easily purchased through the xPortal app or the Binance exchange.

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