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Settlement currencies available

What are the currencies available for Merchants to get payouts?

Updated this week

xMoney Merchants can choose to receive their settlements either in Fiat or Crypto.

The currencies currently available are:

  • Fiat: EUR, GBP, RON, USD and CHF

  • Crypto: USDT (Ethereum and Polygon network) and USDC (Ethereum network)

XMoney Merchants need to accumulate a minimum amount to get a payout in a given settlement period, this amount depends on the settlement currency and reference currency chosen by the xMoney Merchant. However, if an XMoney Merchant wants to get a payout even though the minimum amount was not reached, it can still be done by applying an extra payout fee. Please refer to the tables below for the specific combinations.



If you wish to update your settlement currency, please check how to proceed here: How to update my settlements and payout settings?

​​If you have any additional questions or concerns on your onboarding journey please reach out to us at [email protected]. We'd love to closely assist you :)

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