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Is my business sector restricted?

Restricted sectors

Updated over a week ago

At xMoney, we think globally and want to reach as many people and businesses as we possibly can. It goes without saying that we can’t provide services to any company that isn’t legally established or is offering illegal goods or services in their jurisdictions. Aside from those considerations, there are sectors that we chose not to associate with, for business or regulatory reasons and as part of our established acceptance policy.

Here’s a list of the sectors and activities we do not work with:

  • Any services that collect or exploit natural resources in an overly extractive way.

  • Any services dealing with nuclear energy or nuclear materials.

  • Currency sales by non-financial institutions.

  • Bankruptcy attorneys or entities engaged in the collection of debt.

  • Credit protection services.

  • Credit counseling services.

  • Services that produce, sell or distribute controversial non-revenue substances of any kind for which the regulatory situation is not specifically clear or of a dubious nature.

  • Any media that promotes or contains incitement to hatred, violence, harmful or inappropriate content (as determined by applicable law).

  • Any services involving military equipment and weapons.

  • Any service, group or organization promoting or containing incitement to hate, violence, or harmful content.

  • Pornography video distribution & streaming services.

  • Services that employ or hire workers from the sex industry.

  • Escort services.

  • Fuel stations and dispensers.

  • Services that may, by association, negatively impact the company's reputation.

  • Services that use forced or child labor (even if considered legal in the respective legal system).

  • Institutions recognized for dealing with shell companies.

If a business does not engage in the aforementioned sectors and activities, xMoney reserves the right of further scrutiny on its activities. Certain higher-risk businesses and activity types will require additional due diligence.

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