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How to Pay?

How to pay through xMoney

Updated over a week ago

After being redirected to xMoney's payment widget, the payment process unfolds as follows:

Email consent:
In this first step, you’ll have to provide an email address. This will only be used to inform you about your payment details such as payment confirmations or any possible refunds that might happen. This email will serve as an identity verification and point of contact whenever needed, so please make sure it doesn’t have any spelling mistakes and that you have access to it. Once you’ve accepted xMoney’s terms of service and privacy policy you’ll be able to proceed.

Choosing a payment method:
We currently support two different options. Paying from a decentralised wallet or paying from a centralised exchange. The process for each has slight differences, so please follow the more suitable link for you:

Note: Please review the article containing details on the currencies and networks we support, along with information on payment configurations and constraints.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We will be happy to help :)

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